Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome note

This is the truth. An informed visitor can always better appreciate what's in front of him!
Therefore, we are happy to inform you about the creation of "The Best" blog. It has been created by us for you. Here are all the tricks & tips to better discover the island. Find description of celebrations, customs and events taking place.

Our aim is to inform, propose, show you secrets of Crete; interesting places to visit, wonderful people to meet, delicious food to enjoy and different traditions to learn about. We absolutely need your help, so as to achieve our goal. You are warmly invited to add your comments (positive or negative ones, doesn't matter) about the texts that will appear in this blog. After all we strive hard so that you enjoy a wonderful, relaxing and unique holiday in Crete. Renting a car is just an easy and simple way to discover the magnificent island of Crete.

So, let's start! Keep yourself into the spirit of discovering the hidden beauties of Crete. Enjoy the journey!

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