Sunday, November 16, 2014

An one-day excursion that I love

14 November. St Minas day is a festivity for the city of Haraklion accompagnied with schools and shops closing.

For us (my family and I) it's an opportunity to drive away. Remember there are always wonderful spots to discover in Crete as long as you have a car and you drive :-)

Today's destination: Ierapetra, Southern Crete
Today's weather..... no comments.... just look at the photos. Observe the beautiful blue sky with the white clouds.... 

Means of transport: Ssang Yong Kyron from family spacious car, comfortable and safe for a relaxing drive! All passengers did enjoy it.

We took the national road to Aghios Nikolaos and turned right. Picturesque landscapes on the whole way (I really enjoyed taking photos!)

Strolling up and down, relaxing, admiring the nature, breathing fresh air, looking at the bright and clear blue sky... 

 kids enjoyed a November swim.... not me though ;-) I wasn't prepared for that but next week if the weather continues like this, I will.

I am sure the above photos "speak" loudly how lucky we are to be in Crete (permanently or for a short time, doesn't matter). 

The last ones: 

 Next time you pass by Ierapetra, stop here for a delicious meal :-)

Ta leme!
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pourquoi venir en Crete en hiver ?

La Crète en hiver par l'absence des touristes...

Quoique  le risque de pluie soit bien réel, en journée on a entre 10 et 15 degrés, quelquefois 20 ou plus! Il y  a du vent et le vent peut etre assez fort (la Crète est une île résolument venteuse) mais  en général le climat est assez agréable.  Les  journées ensoleillées sont nombreuses, meme si  quelquefois elles sont entrecoupées de passages nuageux.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let’s talk about Crete as a winter destination

Let’s talk about Crete as a winter destination.  By winter, we mean November until late March. Here are its characteristics:
Anogia, few years ago... :-)

  • Mild winters with pleasant temperatures.
  • Still many sunny days especially along the coastal line.
  • Always clean seas especially in the southern part of the island
  • Yes, it’s windy (and the wind is cold) but rarely freezing cold.
  • All major museums and archeological sites are open for the public.
  • prices for a rent a car and accommodation can be very cheap during winter

Monday, November 3, 2014

A big thank you and a goodbye summer

Many thanks to all our  customers, who have trusted The Best Cars for once more this year (or it was maybe the first time). We do hope you felt happy with The Best and you will trust us every time you wish to come and drive in Crete.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crete from November to March

Crete remains even after summer months a warm and welcoming place with temperatures that do not fall less than 15 degrees. Of course there are some cold and rainy days, but they will rarely last more than three or four days at a time. Winter in Crete offers you many sunny days, sometimes there broken up by dark clouds or a short tropical shower in which the nature has the chance to recover from the hot summer.
you can enjoy the authentic, healthy and nutritious Cretan cuisine, based on fresh, seasonal products. Even in local restaurants you may taste food that you don't find in the menus during the summer.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keratokambos: a secluded village in a wild nature where one feels free...

Keratokambos is a small secluded, seaside village, 72km southeast of Heraklion, near Viannos and Tsoutsouros. See here

Sunday, October 12, 2014

On the way to Tsoutsouros (Asterousia mountains, South Crete)

Located 63km on the south coast of Crete.

It’s mainly fishing/ farming community of about 100 permanent residents, who are friendly, kind-hearted and polite. 

A destination for a tranquil holiday, for visitors who prefer a less intense style of vacations, than that offered by big towns and popular resorts and who want to relax under the sun. Ideal for family holidays, because all necessary facilities for accommodation, entertainment and food are in close proximity. 

East and west of the port, there are two large sheltered bays, well protected from the seasonal winds, with a total length of 2km, which have lovely coarse sand and crystal clear water. 

Swimming in Tsoutsouras is considered therapeutic by many Cretans because of the high concentration of salt and iodine. It is recommendable for those with musculoskeletal and orthopedic problems. 

Drive with The Best from Heraklion to Tsoutsouros. You take the road that goes to Knossos. You pass through the villages of Kounavi and Peza and reach the village of Arkalochori. From then on, you follow the signs to reach Tsoutsouros after the villages: Moussouta, Ano and Kato Poulia, Garipa, Ano Kasteliana and Kato Kasteliana. Indications here

The drive is quite interesting passing through vine yards and olive tree groves. As with most beaches on this side of the island, to reach Tsoutsouros the drive is slow once you start ascending and then descending the Asterousia mountains. Beware of the sharp turns and the narrow roads that lead to the beach. The route is impressive with spectacular views to the surrounding mountains and the imposing peak of Kofinas.

Tsoutsouros is also accessible from Ierapetra, Arvi, Keratokampos, Dermatos from a coastal road in good condition.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Plakias- South Rethimno

Plakias is a village on the south coast of Crete, in the region of  Rethymno, about 30 kilometres south of the city of Rethymno. It is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south. 
Plakias has a 1300-metre-long sandy beach and there are several other beaches within walking distance (Souda, Damnoni, Ammoudi, and Skhinaria). The southeastern end of the beach, near the Kakomouri headland, is used by nudists. The town is not on any major passage for traffic and hence traffic is minimal and it is quieter and less dusty than many other Greek resorts.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ierapetra, the sunniest town in Europe

The Southernmost City in Europe, facing the Libyan Sea. It is the largest city in Lassíthi region and the sunniest city in Europe; Ierapetra enjoys the smoothest, almost rainless weather in Europe, and the most hours of sunshine with a temperature that rarely drops below 12 C all year long!  You can easily drive there from Heraklio (following the direction to Agios Nikolaos; before entering the town, you turn right).

Monday, March 31, 2014

Arrange your car hire in Crete

When you plan your holidays, you always want to avoid bad surprises. Therefore you book your flight and you book your hotel quite early. But what about your car hire???? It’s absolutely acceptable that you cannot enjoy your holiday to Crete without a vehicle…… Well, either you have to stay inside your hotel (enjoy its facilities and that’s all), follow the group of tourists on excursions or depend on the transport links (which believe me would definitely destroy your holiday).
Booking a car in advance is the third thing you absolutely have to organise (after booking your flight and hotel). Why?