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The Botanical Park of Crete

Botanical Park of Crete
Crete, well known for its rich flora ever since the Minoan Era, was a famous export centre for aromatic and medicinal herbs. The island is famous for the herbs and aromatic plants growing all over its mountains, in cultivated fields and on coastal areas. Many of them are endemic, known since ancient times for their medicinal properties.

During your holidays, it's worth visiting The Botanical Park of Crete.

The newest and one of the most interesting sites of the Prefecture of Chania, lies only 18 kilometers outside the city, at the feet of the White Mountains. It is ideal for visitors of all ages, combining enjoyments that only Crete can offer!

Shortly after you pass Fournes village and before the historical Lakkoi-Skordalou, a sign will direct you towards the Botanical Park, to an unprecedented tour of the region’s magical nature.

Walking in the Botanical park & Gardens of Crete offers spiritual tranquility and visual pleasure in addition to knowledge of plants and their material. 
No matter how you see your visit here, whether as a scenic trek, or an interesting tour of nature’s paths, the Botanical Park is the ideal alternative proposal for a day’s escape from the city’s noise and the fashionable beaches.
This adventure in nature which lasts one to two hours follows paths of unique natural beauty and provides visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the numerous different plants and trees that grow on the two hundred square kilometers of the well-designed planted hillside. The appropriate signposting of the paths leads the visitor to various sections of the Botanical Park (tropical trees, fruit-bearing trees, citrus trees, herbs, and vineyards).
 The lush landscape is completed by the lake in the lower part of the part, offering accommodation and protection to ducks, geese and other water birds (and rare species), even to hawks that fly in the area. 
Depending on the time of the year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy flowers, plants, and trees through all phases of their life-cycle, parallel to the various species of wild flora and fauna which they attract each season. Any time of the year you visit the Botanical Park, you will be impressed by the colors, fragrances and variety of species.
 During the summer months, the best time to schedule your visit is early in the morning, avoiding the strong heat, and having the opportunity to complete your experience with an excellent meal in the park’s restaurant. Its totally local, organic and seasonal philosophy will be unforgettable.

How to go

GPS Coordinates:35.25.06 N , 23.56, 22 E

From center of Chania:
Drive towards Lakkoi, Omalos, Samaria gorge from Fourne turn right in tow km you are there.                    

From Rethymno Iraklio :
Take exit 3 and then left towards Lakkoi –Omalos  from Fourne turn right and in tow km you are there.   

From Platanias:
Turn left after the bridge of Platanias towards Patelari follow the signs, from Fourne turn right and in tow km you are there.      

For more information, visit The Botanical Park of Crete here

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