Saturday, February 2, 2013

CNN's 10 hottest destinations in Europe

According to CNN, Crete is among the Europe's 10 hottest destinations for 2013.Don't ask why. Just visit this unique island and you'll find out why....

Crete, Greece
It may be one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, but Crete offers plenty of intimate experiences, plus plenty of reasons to party -- the island is celebrating a century of union with Greece in December 2013.
Away from the blissful beach resorts, still extremely good value thanks to the country's recent economic woes, chilling of another kind is in full swing.
Crete is developing a reputation as one of the region's finest wine producers, with a growing catalog of extremely drinkable native grape varieties: Vilana and Vidiano, Dafni and Kotsifali, Mandilari and Thrapsathiri.
The best bit? Many of the vineyards are wedged between languid towns where predictably good tavernas dish up uncomplicated, but classic, Cretan fare for a handful of euros.

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