Friday, March 15, 2013

Apokries 2013

Apokries 2013 runs from Sunday 24th February to Sunday 17th March. It’s a period of fun, dance, wine, meat and masquerade for young and old ones.
Literally the name means abstention from meat, like Carnival’s roots n Latin are meat (carne) and farewall (vale). The end of Apokries is Clean Monday (Kathara Deftera) which marks the beginning of Lent.
The last Sunday before Lent, Carnival parades are held all over Greece. The most popular ones are held in Patras (Peloponnese), Xanthi (Northern Greece) and Rethimno (Crete).
Just visit, book your rental car and drive to Rethimno! Enjoy the wonderful spirit of dance and fun from early morning till dawn. Walk along the old port, and have your lunch in the tavernas nearby.
For more information about this special deay’s events visit
Kales Apokries!
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