Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crete from November to March


Crete remains even after summer months a warm and welcoming place with temperatures that do not fall less than 15 degrees. Of course there are some cold and rainy days, but they will rarely last more than three or four days at a time. Winter in Crete offers you many sunny days, sometimes there broken up by dark clouds or a short tropical shower in which the nature has the chance to recover from the hot summer.
you can enjoy the authentic, healthy and nutritious Cretan cuisine, based on fresh, seasonal products. Even in local restaurants you may taste food that you don't find in the menus during the summer.


Fall invites us to leave the beach and head towards the inland; with the season’s mild weather and the pleasant temperatures you have the opportunity to discover the natural beauties, admire the flora and fauna, visit picturesque, mountainous, traditional villages, interesting caves, beautiful vineyards and observe the colours of nature with the change of the season. 



The locals are "more alive" than in the summer, since there is lots of work to do in the olive groves, fruit gardens and building.  The end of the summer is the time for agricultural activities such as grape harvesting and sun-drying of the grape berries so as to produce raisins. Ploughing, sowing, grape pressing, wine and raki making are all activities that take place later in the fall. This time of year you can follow the traditional agricultural activities: participate in grape harvesting and pressing, go olive picking, watch the procedure of raki making in cauldrons- cauldron feasts, as it evolves into a traditional celebration, taste local products and learn about the way they are.


“Visiting Crete in autumn can turn into a special holiday experience!” (visitgreece.gr)


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