Thursday, October 16, 2014

Keratokambos: a secluded village in a wild nature where one feels free...

Keratokambos is a small secluded, seaside village, 72km southeast of Heraklion, near Viannos and Tsoutsouros. See here

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The distance is  around 73km from Heraklion via Knossos, Arkalochori and Viannos - The approach to the place is a steep and twisting road with excellent views and plenty of reasons to stop and take photos . Especially in the last 12 kilometres  there is a final long, scenic stretch of steep, tightly winding road.

Beautiful shores, the pebble beach, clean and clear waters, the mountain backdrop and the stretch of taverna tables lining the water's edge in the partial shade of pine trees; these are characteristics of this naturally beautiful area.

The main beach of the village is located east of the local harbor and stretches to the East. Its western part is quite organized, since it is adjacent to the village. As you walk to the east, the beach gets calmer and more secluded. There is  sand and shallow waters, ideal for children. 

Hiring a car to drive around the area is necessary, since there are so many beautiful places to explore such as gorges, quiet and clearly rural mountain villages (Viannos) and nearby beaches (Tsoutsouros, Arvi).

Have you been here? Send us your comments and impressions of the area.

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