Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let’s talk about Crete as a winter destination

Let’s talk about Crete as a winter destination.  By winter, we mean November until late March. Here are its characteristics:
Anogia, few years ago... :-)

  • Mild winters with pleasant temperatures.
  • Still many sunny days especially along the coastal line.
  • Always clean seas especially in the southern part of the island
  • Yes, it’s windy (and the wind is cold) but rarely freezing cold.
  • All major museums and archeological sites are open for the public.
  • prices for a rent a car and accommodation can be very cheap during winter

It’s actually true that when it rains in Crete (sometimes it rains bucketfuls),  it doesn’t last for long. Just few hours are enough, or maybe the whole night. There may be heavy rainfalls especially from January to March. But then the rainbow appears again and temperatures rise up to 23 degrees Celcius.

What I like about winter months is that you have the opportunity to enjoy Crete's more peaceful nature. You can explore the natural beauty and the variety of colours of nature. Don't expect to bask in sunshine every day, but on those lucky sunny days you get a bonus of bright island light. You can see and admire the magnificent snow-capped mountains. You love the authenticity of the culture and the people of Crete. You drive around traditional villages and you meet only local people; there are no tourists, no rental cars, no crowded roads; just the autochthones! It’s so wonderful and unique when you experience this hospitality offered so genuinely when you stop in a village and local people offer you something to it or drink. Their smile is so genuine and so is the communication (the knowledge of the language sometimes results as unnecessary).

In the local restaurants you may taste food that you won’t find in the menus during the summer.  The eating places that remain open (especially in the inland villages) are mainly for the local people and the offerings always fresh with the home cooked touch. 

When coming to meet Cretan friendship than there's no better season than the winter. Touring around with a car, walking the country side, biking, bird watching or just strolling through the cities they offer you a relaxed holiday or maybe you'll stay all winter. Why not????

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