Sunday, March 15, 2015

Krasi; a "low profile" village

Driving with to the villages around the plateau of Lassithi can become an amazing and unique experience filled with the Cretan nature and the hospitality of the locals.

Find directions from Heraklion to Krasi here and
from Malia to Krasi here

In particularly Krassi is a small village 47 Km's from Iraklion, near Mallia.  It  is one of the prettiest in Crete, with a lot of springs with crystal clear water all year round.

Its trademark: A majestic centenary plane tree, considered to be over 1000 years old, in the main square of the village. In the summer the shade of the plane tree is godsend and in the winter the whole setting will remind you of the Alps.  

The plane tree was recently proclaimed a protected natural monument by law and also has a high… literary value! It is commonly known as “the plane tree of Nikos Kazatzakis”, since the famous writer spent hours under its shade reading and writing or discussing with his literary companions.

Krassi from Google map

Krassi is actually a “low profile” village that will surprise you in a pleasant way. Just stop in this scenic village, relax under the shade of the plane tree and if you are hungry do not hesitate to visit one of the traditional taverns of the village.

Driving on a rainy day with!
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