Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The monastery of Savvathiana

 Situated in a verdant ravine of Vasilikos mountain nearby Rodia village, 20km west of the city of Heraklion, in a beautiful wooded and well-protected position and at an altitude of 440m.

See the exact location of the monastery here and driving directions from Heraclio here

From the entrance of the monastery starts a beautiful path, smothered in vegetation, leading to the monastery. 

The monastery is a very pleasant site full of plants and trees near the top of a hill with an eagles-eye view of the coastline of north Crete.

The monastery operates as a nunnery. The nuns support themselves by selling handmade articles.

The monastery has been renovated in the recent years, but without losing its style. It is amongst the most significant historic monasteries where in the Turkish occupation period monks from Agios Savas (on Almyros beach) found refuge due to its inaccessible position.

The Monastery was severely damaged during the Turkish attack in 1648, though in 1745 reconstruction work commenced.

... and for the end we invite you to watch this video on our youtube channel and a second one here. Just listen carefully to the sounds of nature.....

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