Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dinosauria park

Are you on holidays with your children? Then The Best Car Rentals definitely encourages you to visit Dinosauria, an interactive theme park in Gournes devoted to dinosaurs; a place where kids and adults learn everything about dinosaurs,very close to CretaAquarium. You can visit them both the same day. 

More than 50 species of dinosaurs of natural height that move, roar, growl and even ‘give birth" (watch it here). Many of them reach up to their real physical size.

General Dinosaur Hospital

Children through interactive displays and educational games will have the opportunity to learn about the lives of dinosaurs and to become explorers while making their first fossil excavations. 

The staff is really helpful, friendly and willing to  show kids around and explain all interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Let your children play in the certified playground and enjoy endless hours of fun and pleasure while you relax in the snack bar enjoying tasty delicacies, ice-cream or coffee.

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Before you leave remember to get your dino souvenirs and gifts to retain the memories of this unique experience until the next visit. This is what we got:

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