Monday, April 20, 2015

My Crete is... blue blue blue

It’s actually… the 50 shades of blue! From East to West from North to South the blue of the sea and the sky belongs to images of unparallel exotic beauty. 

Chrisi island

Makrigialos- East Crete

And I am pretty sure that if you rent a car and drive along the coastline, you will be amazed. Definitely you can’t leave from Crete without being impacted by these glorious vistas of turquoise blue seas, by all these different shades of spectacular colours that remind you of the Caribbean or of other exotic destinations far away from Europe. 

Elafonisi- Chania


The tranquility of this blue nature, the breeze, the scents of the air and the sea the feeling of freedom, the unique beauty… this is my Crete.

Kali Limenes- South Crete

Lasithi Crete

I know and I truly believe that Crete is not only the places on the above images. 

Loutro- South Crete

Palekastro- East Crete

It’s much more than that. 

Paleochora Chania

Xerokampos-East Crete

Globetrotters and lovers of the island from all over the world will maintain that an article and few photos do not represent the real Crete. 

Platanias- Chania

I totally agree with you. Let’s say that this is a mere beginning of what is Crete. So…. to be continued
Seitan Limania- Chania

P.S. I'd love to hear what is Crete for you. What are the first images that come in your mind when hearing this name, Crete???
Stalos- Chania

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