Monday, May 30, 2011

Alternative Tourism and Traditional Cretan Village Arolithos!

Arolithos is a family business created with passion and love, and is the only tourist company in the form of a traditional Cretan village! Located just 11 km away from Heraklion Crete, is built on a mountainside, in the wild Cretan countryside becoming a ornament on the map of Cretan nature! It’s an innovative hotel unit, since it was built in 1988 when concepts like «Agrotourism» and «Cultural Tourism» which are part of the Alternative Tourism, were unknown!

But why choose alternative tourism? At a time when tourism is internationalized, it is often needed to create places that showcase the local elements of each region, use their domestic agricultural products and absorb manpower in the region. In these places, guests escape from busy everyday life and transported to old, pure and genuine times. They participate in experiential activities, enjoy the positive energy of nature in a green environment  and learn about the manners and customs of each place!
Our goal in Arolithos is to promote the Cretan tradition, manners and customs of the region, architecture and values ​​of the Cretan people, through a project that will stay alive through the centuries. A great part of Arolithos is the Museum of Agricultural History & Popular Art with a huge number of exhibits around the Cretan culture, heritage for future generations!
For lovers of agrotourism and cultural tourism, Arolithos is a model and definitely a destination you must visit!
"The Best" definitely suggests Arolithos as one of the most traditional and typical places in Crete. You can visit for more interesting comments on the place. However renting a "The Best" vehicle and driving to Arolithos will make you realise the real and unique beauty of traditional Crete.

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  1. We have been there many times in the past. It' s a wonderful place, worth visiting it.