Monday, May 30, 2011

Why you should hire a car while you are on holiday.

Are you planning your holiday in Crete? Then yoy should bear in mind that hiring a car is something you shouldn’t forget to plan, since it will increase your independence, broaden your experience and most of all will leave you with a lot great memories.
“The Best” shows you 14 reasons why you should a car during your holiday:

1. You can go anywhere around the island you want, whenever you want. 
2. You don’t have to worry about public transport timetables if you suddenly decide to go off somewhere for the day. 
3. You can  change your plans because the weather isn't up to start for the trip that you have planned, without having to rely on pre-booked coaches for your day trips.
4. You can  travel to different places, and even spend a night or two in a different city without any hassle. 
5. You can stop if you see somewhere that you'd like to visit as you pass by. On official trips this wouldn't be possible at all.  
6. You won't waste precious time waiting around for public transport. This can be especially uncomfortable if the weather is bad or sweltering hot. 
7.Hiring a car makes travelling with young children easier. 
8. You can stop for bathroom breaks, a bite to eat or to stretch little legs as and when the need arises. 
9. When you hire a car you have the freedom to enjoy CDs or the radio and have conversations, while passengers can kick off their shoes and therefore make your trip comfortable and enjoyable at the same time. 
10. You can keep snacks, drinks, books and anything else you may want to hand in the hire car. 
11. If the weather looks unsettled, you can take coats with you without having to carry them around if they're not needed.
12. If you go out at night or you're returning from your day trip after dark, you won't have to wait around in an unknown area for a taxi if you have a hire car.
13. You can build up a beautiful selection of scenic photographs along the way, by stopping your hire car somewhere safe to capture the perfect shot of the surrounding landscape.
14. You can go shopping, park up and enjoy some retail therapy, then return to your hire car to lock your purchases in the boot so you don't have to carry heavy bags around all day. 
15. Hiring a car gives you a great sense of freedom. 

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